Books, Books and more Books

Ok, so I haven’t blogged since May! I could go back and talk about our trip to Boston, which was awesome! I could add pictures of all the many places we visited, but I have so many I wouldn’t even know where to begin. I could also tell you about the wonderful time we had in Orlando, but this vacation is more of a relaxing one for me where I do absolutely nothing!  The girls attend their favorite SeaWorld Camp, Louie golfs everyday, and I get to read on the porch overlooking a man made lake that is simply breathe taking. I love the sound of the water. I could then tell you about the amazing experience Gianna had at the camp she attended with her youth group, but that would be an experience for her to share. So, instead, I am going to pick it up from here.

As you know, I love to read. I completed Lavender, by: Jude Deverux while in Orlando. This was a fun book, very predictable. Boy meets girl, who is suppose to be in love with his brother, however, falls in love with him. At first, they have a love hate relationship, my favorite, because you just know they will wind up together. This book was part one of a trilogy, which I may or may not finish. I picked up part two at the library, but had so many other books on my list to read that I quickly returned it and I’m not sure that I will actually get to it…maybe next summer! :)

I completed Beowulf with Gianna, she seem to have enjoyed it more then I did. I found it to be a tough read and not really up my alley. She had no choice, it’s part of her reading list for the Fall. We are both reading Sophie’s World a novel about the history of Philosophy, by : Jostein Gaarder. By completing this novel, Gianna will get 1/2 credit for a Philosophy course and will be able to relate to the Philosophers of the time period she will be studying in the Fall. I’m really enjoying this book. I find the study of Philosophy interesting. I also began reading The Pilgrims Progress, by: John Bunyan with Gianna. This is also one of the books on her reading list for the Fall. We are both enjoying this allegory of a man that is on a journey to the Celestial City.

After going to visit Louisa May Alcott’s home in Concord, Massachusetts I became very interested in her life. I also became interested in her father’s philosophy on education, so I picked up a book on their lives called Eden’s Outcasts, by: John Matteson. Needless to say, I am in the middle of reading this book as well. As if three books at the same time wasn’t enough, I began reading a book on learning styles called, Discover Your Child’s Learning Style, by: Mariaemma Willis, M.D. and Victoria Kindle Hodson, M.A. This is a great book that has helped me understand my girl’s learning styles and hopefully will help me make their learning environment more conducive to their style of learning. As if that’s not enough, yesterday, I decided that I wanted to see the movie InkHeart. I read the book a few years ago, but never got around to seeing the movie. So, I decided to watch the movie, which of course, now makes me want to read the second book. Naturally, I went to my bookshelf and there was book two, InkSpell, by: Cornelia Funke. You guessed it, I began reading it this morning! :)

Can you tell how much I love to read?

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