Megacon 2010

My youngest daughter is a huge fan of Anime and Manga comic books. She can read 2 or 3 in a day. She loves to spend her spare time drawing Anime and Manga characters. We actually have to put a time limit on the time she spends reading and drawing these characters. If anyone is familiar with these books, you would know that they can range anywhere from books written for “all ages” to “mature” in content. So, we have to keep a close eye on what she is wanting to read. She is aware of this and complies with our rules. She has even turned down books that were given to her, because she knew that her Dad and I would not agree to her reading them. We were very proud of her decision to follow through on what she knew was the right thing to do.

She has been asking to attend an Anime convention for quite some time. So, I decided to do some research and find the closest convention to where we live. After much prayer, we decided that I would take her to the Megacon convention that is held in Orlando, Florida with the stipulation that we would leave if I thought it was inappropriate for her or if I felt uncomfortable. One of the big deals about attending these conventions are the costumes. Apparently, people spend months designing and sewing their costumes. Leanne decided that she wanted to be “Maka” from her favorite book, Soul Eater. We began by shopping at a local thrift store for pieces that she could use to assemble her outfit. We had her jacket and skirt made by a friend, she and I worked on the boots and she and her Grandfather put together her weapon. By the time we were done, she looked amazing! Although, she entered a contest and did not win, she had a wonderful time! As did I! It was wonderful to see a bunch of people, adults and kids alike, dressing as their favorite costume and just having fun! We are looking forward to attending next year.

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