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Second Week of School

We are wrapping up our second week of school and the girls have done a fantastic job! We completed our first Geography lesson, which we had actually started in late May, but put on hold for our busy Drama schedule. We will be using the Holling C. Holling series through Beautiful Feet Books for our Geography this year. We just completed Paddle-to-the-Sea, where we read the book and traced Paddle-to-the-Sea’s journey from Nipigon, Canada to the Atlantic Ocean. Along the way, we learned about Canadian geese, the differences between ponds and rivers, the inner workings of a sawmill, the Great Lakes, Davy Jones Locker, iron-ore freighters, Jacques Cartier, Samuel Champlain and the states along Paddle’s journey to the Atlantic Ocean, just to name a few!
Next week we will begin working on Tree in the Trail by the same author.

The girls will be presenting what they have learned to their Dad this evening and we will be choosing a classic for our read aloud. More then likely, we will be choosing a classic that ties in with our Geography and History of the United States.

It’s amazing! When you actually take the time to journal/blog about your school days, you realize just how much you are accomplishing!

Pretty Bad

This is pretty bad! I just noticed that I have not posted on my blog since April! Not that many people would notice. LOL!!! I guess I have been pretty busy. Lets see, I have worked on our home school yearbook, which did not turn out anywhere near as nice as we were hoping for, so that’s a do over! I have worked on costumes for our Drama Clubs production of the Lion King and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I have attended a home school convention in Orlando, Florida. We took a family road trip to Marshall, Missouri for a family wedding. I did read a great book by Florence Morse Kingsley, “Titus a Comrade of the Cross”. Great book, the story of Titus, one of the other persons on the cross next to Jesus; this historical fiction also retells the story and betrayal of Jesus by Judas. I am currently in Orlando, Florida where my daughters are attending their annual SeaWorld Camp. Only this time, my oldest is attending the sleep away camp. This is the first time, she will be away from me for more than a few days. I hope I can cope!! I know she will be fine and that God will watch over her and keep her safe, I only pray she will room with someone that has her same kindness and values. As a parent, you work so hard to protect and shield her from all the cruelties of the world and the thought of someone trying to destroy what you have instilled in your children for so long is unnerving. I can rest asured that we have given her a strong foundation in her belief in God to make wise choices and to always pray for guidence and wisdom. So I hang fast to one of my favorite verses…Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it. -Proverbs 22:6