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Pollyanna Our Latest Read Aloud

The girls and I have just finished Pollyanna by: Eleanor H. Porter. This story is about an orphan girl that has been sent to live with her Aunt Polly after her father, (who had been caring for her after her mothers death) dies and she is left with no one else to care for her. Despite her misfortune, she manages to always find “gladness” in everything. Pollyanna quickly turns the town of Harrington into “Glad” Town!
After the girls and I read the book, we borrowed the Walt Disney version of the movie starring Haley Mills from the library. We popped some popcorn and broke out a box of tissues!
A must read and see classic!

Stay tune for our next read aloud, Around The World in Eighty Days! This read aloud will work well with our history unit on the Explorers!


I have read many books on Charlotte Mason’s method of using nature studies. I love her belief in filling a child’s day with living books and nature notebooks. Below, my youngest daughter’s passion for nature is displayed. She loves all sorts of animals. We are using Apologia’s Zoology series and she loves them!

Leanne has completed her first lapbook! Lessons 1 through 6 of Apologia’s Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day. We purchased the templates from one of my favorite sites Knowledge Box Central. She really enjoyed putting this lapbook together, so much so, that we will be using Cindy’s templates for the remaining lessons in this zoology series.
After completing Lessons 1 through 6 and her lapbook, Leanne did some research on parakeets. She put together a proposal for her Dad and I on how she could purchase and care for a parakeet on her own. She also sketched what her parakeet would look like. She did a great job! So….
meet KeKe, Leanne’s new parakeet!! She is hoping to help her Dad wash the car tomorrow in hopes of earning some extra cash to purchase KeKe a friend!
I swear this child will grow up and become a Veterinarian. Keke is her third pet…there is Frosty our Bichon and Flapjack her turtle! What next?