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2009 Inauguration Unit Study

For the last two weeks we have been working on an Inauguration Unit Study by Amanda Benette in preparation for this years inauguration. What a great time to work on this unit study! After preparing the journal, we sat glued to the television for three days experiencing history in the making! Amanda Benette’s unit study prepared the girls for what was happening during the inauguration. Everything the girls researched came to life. The history of former inaugurations, as well as, the traditions that have been in play since the 1800s. Everything from the church service, to the actual taking of the Oath, to the departure ceremony of the former President, to the parade and the Inaugural Ball! She does a great job in leaving nothing out.
Today, the girls collected all the newspaper clippings leading up to the inauguration, as well as, the actual inauguration articles and decorated their journals with them. They did a beautiful job!


Look what popped up in my mailbox yesterday! After spending the morning schooling and the afternoon with my daughters at dance, I came home and found this book laying on my counter. I asked my husband, who had just gotten home from work, where it came from. He told me it was in the mailbox. I asked him if it had a note attached or was it wrapped, since I occasionally use paperback swaps to trade some of my books. He said, “no, it was in the mailbox just like that”. So, I started wondering who would put a book in my mailbox and not leave me a note or call me and let me know they had left it? I called the only two people I thought could have done this, my sister or my friend Joelle. They each said no. So, my second guess would me my mother, which I highly doubt, since she is totally against the whole homeschooling thing. However, I did ask her and she of course said no. After awhile, I gave up guessing and decided I would just read the book. When I opened it to the author’s personal note, I thought, okay, this is too weird, whoever left me this book most have had some instinct to how I had been feeling.
I was feeling doubtful and questioning our reasons for homeschooling the girls. What was I thinking? What if we made a mistake by pulling them from school? What if I can’t give them what they need to get into college? Why did we even pull them out to begin with? I was loosing my motivation and feeling overwhelmed.
After much re-assuring from my wonderful husband and much prayer. I receive this book in my mailbox. I felt like the author, Mary Hood, Ph.D had written this book, The Joyful Home Schooler, about me for me! Everything she talks about in this book, at sometime or another, I have questioned. I love this book! I have not been able to put the book down! I can’t help but think that this book was sent directly to me from above! It is amazing how God answers our prayers!
So, if you are homeschooling your children and are in need of motivation and re-assurance that are doing God’s will, then I highly recommend this book to you. I hope that you would enjoy it as much as I am. I can’t wait to read more of her books!

Back to School

Well, it is back to school for us tomorrow. We have had a great time off. We went to Nevada and Arizona, where we visited the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. In preparation for this vacation, the girls put together a notebook full of information on both states. They collected brochures and took pictures of the state symbols, flags, trees, birds and/or animals that they learned about. As our read aloud, we chose Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Marguerite Henry. The girls really enjoyed visiting some of the different areas in the Grand Canyon that Brighty had roamed. Unfortunately, the North Rim was closed, so, we were not able to see the bronze statue that is said to have been dedicated to Brighty and is located in one of the resorts.
We had planned on eating a traditional Thanksgiving meal at one of the resorts in Las Vegas, only to find they were packed and the wait was going to be at least 2 hours. So, we wound up at P.F. Changs and had a delicious Chinese meal for Thanksgiving!

After returning from the west coast, we did our traditional family vacation to Walt Disney World, where we stayed at the Fort Wilderness Camp Grounds. We love the laid back feeling we get when we stay at this resort/cabins. This is the closest we have gotten to staying in a real cabin. Hmmm, I think that warrants a trip to the mountains soon?! Ok, back to reality, the girls and I rode horses and saw deer along the trail. It was a very peaceful and relaxing time!

So, here we are, ready to pick up in school where we left off. My oldest, will be attending a Marine Biology course being given by the Marine Institute to home school students at our local library. She is very excited about this, because she has a fascination with sea life. She hopes to pursue Marine Biology as a career. I think this will be a great opportunity for her to get a true look at what Marine Biology entails. My youngest daughter hopes to pursue a career on Broadway and raise horses in Kentucky! We’ll see how that goes!

For now, I wish you all a safe return to work and/or school and I hope to connect with some other home school moms through this blog!

Happy New Year!

This year will be a year of challenges for me. First, I will begin by joining the world of blogging and participating in a couple Book Challenges. I won’t take on too many, as I tend to take on too much at one time and then find myself unable to complete any of them.
So, please check out the Book Challenges I have chosen on the right sidebar and maybe you will become inspired to join me in a few of them. They sound like a lot of fun!

Secondly, I have decided that this will be the year that I challenge myself to a healthier lifestyle. I will schedule those doctor appointments I keep putting off. For Christmas, my family gave me the new “Cooking Personal Trainer” DS and a Nintendo DS in the new pearly pink. Do you think they are trying to tell me something? LOL!! Actually, I am not a very healthy eater, so I intend on making that another one of my challenges. Eat better in 2009!

Thirdly, I would love to participate in a marathon, so I will begin training for one…a small one! Perhaps, I will sign up for a couple 3k or 5k marathons in my area. I will start off walking and hopefully by the end of the year be able to actually run one of the marathons.

My list could go on and on, so I will end it with finally finishing school and earning that Education degree I so desperately want. I know, “teaching?”, “what are you crazy?” I guess I am! I have taken on the challenge of homeschooling my children this year and have loved every minute of it! I am so close to finishing my degree. I am one of those people with over 100 credits all over the place, yet not enough to major in any one field. So, I vow to finish school this year!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful first day of 2009 filled with love, hope and prosperity and surrounded by family!

Many blessings to all!